May Minutes

May 2, 2007:

The meeting was called to order by Co-vice presidents Jack and Ruth.


The Iraq resolution was reworded as follows, and members voted approval: “We support the prompt withdrawal of American troops from Iraq in a safe and measured way, in conjunction with the pursuit of all diplomatic options, both regional and international”.


Members were asked to volunteer for the LAD booth at the Cinco De Mayo Festival on May 5th from 9 to 5 at the Roosevelt Park Pavilion.



The program was a Roundtable Forum with Longmont City Council Members and local government officials, moderated by Jonathan singer.  The following officials attended and spoke to the members:


Council members: Mary Blue, Doug Brown, Roger Lange, Karen Benker and, Marty Block.

City Public Works Operations Manager – Charlie Kamenides

Community Outreach Coordinator for Eco-Cycle – Jen Friedman 

Planning and Development Services Director – Brad Schol


They answered questions submitted earlier by the Board, as well as questions from the membership.

Meeting adjourned.

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