March Minutes

March 7, 2007:

The meeting was called to order by Co-presidents Pat and Marilyn.


Members were presented with, and approved a list of goals for 2007 which had been developed by the Board.  Goals included:  Increase membership, Set up events/fundraisers around a cause, Present more local issues, Increase Group Interaction/Participation, Help elect locally progressive candidates for city council, other city and county offices.


LAD’s Mission Statement was revised and approved to read:  “Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of the Longmont area voting public by providing education, information and opportunities for citizen participation in our representative democracy”.


Webmaster, Doug Wray, gave a live demonstration on surfing the Longmont Area Democrats website, and answered questions from members.


Karen Benker, Longmont City Councilwoman for Ward 2, spoke about items that were being considered by City Council.  She presented some history and addresses issues related to the Union annexation, a proposed development undergoing review that would require annexation by the City.


Richard Hansen, LAD’s Content Manager for the website, at the Board’s request, complied and presented a list of Resolutions for the membership to review and discuss.  This idea came about because numerous members had asked what LAD stood for, and whether the group was willing to stake a stand on topical/controversial issues facing the state and country.  The following resolutions were presented and discussed by the members:


(1)   We support the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq in a safe and measured way in conjunction with the pursuit of all diplomatic options both regional and international.

(2)   We support legislation that reduces the cost of healthcare and makes it affordable. Including the consideration of a single payer universal healthcare system.

(3)   We support legislation and programs that make higher education more available and affordable.

(4)   We support the development of conservation programs and alternative energy sources to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels.

(5)   We support efforts both governmental and private that promote the protection and improvement in our environment.  

(6)   We support the development of governmental policies that create living wage jobs that benefit the economy and increase the standard of living for all Americans.  

(7)   We support the establishment at the state level of a publicly financed election system that eliminates financial influence in politics.

(8) We support legislation and initiatives that protect and restore our civil liberties, and in the dignity and human rights of all people.


Michael Flanagan moderated the discussion.  Members agreed that more time was needed to consider the resolutions, so they will be further reviewed at future meetings.

Meeting adjourned.


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