June Minutes

June 6, 2007:

The meeting was called to order by Co-presidents Pat and Marilyn. 


Members approved a request by the Board to send $75 to Tom Griggs to help pay off debts remaining after his 2006 campaign for State Board of Education.


Members approved more of the Resolutions originally presented at the March 7th meeting.  Those approved were as follows:

·      We support legislation that reduces the cost of healthcare and makes it affordable, including the consideration of a single payer universal healthcare system.

·      We support legislation and programs that make higher education more available and affordable.

·      We support the development of conservation programs and alternative energy sources to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels.



The program was devoted to Longmont’s Open Space and Trails system.  Daniel Wolford, the City’s Manager of Parks, Open Space & Forestry, spoke about the Open Space Initiative, a proposal by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, (PRAB), to extend the existing sales tax which is used for the acquisition and development of Open Space in and around Longmont.  This Initiative would be added to the November ballot.

He presented a slide show of the current Open Space & Trails Master Plan, and described plans for future acquisitions and development of the trails, greenways and open space system. A follow up Q&A session was held with the members.  Ginny Hayden, a member of the PRAB, provided additional comments, and encouraged members to apply for various board openings at the City.

Meeting  adjouned.


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