February Minutes

February 2, 2007:

The meeting was called to order by Co-presidents Pat and Marilyn.  The 2006 Board members were recognized for their service and presented with gifts.

A flip chart of suggested topics for subsequent meetings was presented.  Members were asked to sign up if interested in volunteering to develop programs from these topics.

Mary Bradley withdrew her name as 2007 Treasurer during January, so the Board selected Bob Norris as her replacement.  Members approved Bob as 2007 Treasurer.

Members were asked to approve an increase in yearly dues to $15 per person, or $25 per couple.  Hardship dues remained at $10 per person.  Members approved the increase. 

Members were reminded that, per the Bylaws, only paid members would be able to vote on issues coming before the group during the year.


The 2007 State Legislators in our districts held an informal and lively conversation with the members, discussing their bills, other activities upcoming for the year, and answered member’s questions.  Speakers were: Sen. Brandon Shaffer-Senate District 17, Rep. Paul Weissmann-House District 12, Rep. Jack Pommer-House District 11, and Rep. Dianne Primavera-House District 33. 

Meeting adjourned.

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