Call Congress for Full Healthcare Coverage for Children


Musgrave might be influenced to change her vote.


As part of the PICO National Network  Metro Organizations for People (“MOP”) has been working for months to get full funding for the State Childrens’ Health Insurance Program (“SCHIP”), a successful, bi-partisan program that provides insurance for the children of working families who can’t afford or aren’t offered insurance at their jobs.  The deadline for reauthorizing the SCHIP bill is just two weeks away, Sept. 30! It is critical to get new reauthorization before it  expires.

This weekend the LA Times reported that the leadership of both Houses of Congress, who have been negotiating a combined SCHIP bill, are close to having it done! It may be released as soon as Monday or Tues — sooner than anyone thought was possible.  It may even be brought to both Houses for a vote next week.

CALLS to CONGRESS ARE CRITICAL NOW!  PICO has provided an easy way to do it.  People can call PICO’s SCHIP Hotline to urge their Representatives and Senators to vote yes on the SCHIP bill when it comes to the floor.

The toll-free number is 866-633-6432.  You put in your zip code and then you are given choices.  From that one number you can be connected to as many of your representatives and senators as you wish, but you decide.

Before it puts you through to any of them, it gives background on SCHIP and suggests key points to say on your call.    However, it probably won’t have been updated since this morning.

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