Senate passes bill to fund War without time table

The Senate passed the War Funding Bill (HR2206) by a vote of 80-14 with 6 not voting. There is apparently alot of politicians who can talk the talk, but only 14 who can walk the walk! Some of the more interesting votes against the funding were- Clinton (D-NY), Obama (D-Ill), Dodd (D-CT) all candidates for the Presidency. Some prominent Senators that voted for the funding were- Salazar (D-CO), Biden (D-DE), McCain (R-AZ) Reid (D-NV), Webb (D-VA) and Hagel (R-NE). Two of the most important non-votes were Schumer (D-NY) and Brownback (R-KS).


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5 Responses to Senate passes bill to fund War without time table

  1. Rob

    Salazar needs to go. He is a huge let-down and turncoat in many areas. Nighthorse Campbell comes to mind.

  2. Hm… is this a good thing??

  3. Richard Hansen

    Everyone needs to know about this issue!

  4. Barbara Hansen

    This is interest information that the general public doesn’t know!

  5. In all things there must be accountability. So why isn’t the Congress and Senate being held to some kind of a standard. Indiscriminate spending is NOT conservative, is NOT feasible, is NOT sustainable. Blood for oil is stupid when there are better technologies out there. Bush is the most ignorant American out there and those who support him are just as bad. Wake up America – we are becoming a nation of fools and being laughed at by the world.

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