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LAD has become aware that the Longmont City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission are considering a number of large annexation applications related to the relocation of Life Bridge Church from Hwy 66 to Hwy 119 east of town. We have been advised that, as a part of the annexation decisions, the Council and Commission will also be considering use of mixed use development plans, metropolitan districts and building height variances in a manner that may differ from past applications. The application process has not received much recent coverage by the Times-Call, and so you may not be aware of the issues presently before the Council and The Board. If this subject is of interest to you, then now is the time to educate yourself on the issues and to make your position known to our appointed and elected officials. You can learn more by accessing the City Council website,

In April the council will primarily be looking at the question of  extending metro tax district status to “mixed use” development. Previous ordinances have granted special tax districts only to commercial development.

Pat Davis and Marilyn Hughes


Longmont Area Democrats

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