April 5, 2006 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Longmont Area Democrats April 5,2006 Submitted by Rich Hansen

Deb Gardner called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm. She made the following public announcements, (1) We need more Precinct Leaders in Longmont and to contact either Dale Lanan or Bob Roy. (2) We need volunteers for the Farmers Market this summer. (3) The BCDP is offering need-based scholarships for Boulder County women to attend the White House Project-Colorado Go Run women’s political leadership training. (4) She mentioned the coming meeting of the Boulder County Young Dems at the Café’ Gondolier in Boulder on April 12, 2006. (5) She also mentioned the County Assembly on the 15th of April. There were several other public announcements, which were all included on a flyer that was available to all that attended the meeting.

Pat Davis gave the Treasurers report; she stated that there was $395.75 in the cash account after paying for a booth at the Cinco de Mayo event. She mentioned that we now have 49 paid members and recognized several new members.

Both candidates for the County Clerks Office were in attendance and we allowed three minutes each to speak to the audience. Both Hillary Hall and Linda Salas spoke about their qualifications and asked for the members support.

Shari Malloy discussed the May meeting, she asked for input from the audience and stated that the tentative topic would be the immigration issue. She mentioned that there would be a guest panel to answer questions on the immigration issue and try to clear-up any misinformation on the subject.

Deb informed the members that because of the on going session of the State Legislature, that the announced quest speakers would not be here to speak. She asked if there were any questions from the members? She adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Brandon Shafer arrived un-expectantly at about 8:05 pm and agreed to talk about what was happening at the State Legislature. He talked about an amendment to the School Finance Act which stated that a public school couldn’t stop a student from displaying the American flag on the school grounds without suffering financial penalties. This very contentious amendment did pass by a senate vote.

He also spoke about the (Long Bill) and how labor some the budget process is, he also mentioned that there were 58 amendments to the long bill that came out of the Joint Budget Committee.

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