January 4, 2006 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Longmont Area Democrats, January 4th, 2006

Submitted by Rich Hansen

President Deb Gardner called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Deb asked for suggestions on new programs that could benefit LAD and would appreciate any feedback on issues from the members. She also reminded us of the website for the LAD and also the website for the Boulder County Democrats. She asked if there was anyone who was receiving announcements by mail that had access to a computer and the website. She also mentioned the Letter to the Editor she had written to the Times-Call in response to a letter that someone suggested we did not help out the Our Center or other worthy causes, which we do.

Pat Davis gave the Treasurer’s report, stating that the general bank account had a balance of $ 365.00 and the Small Donors’ Fund had $ 1500.00 for funding Democratic candidates. She also reminded all potential members that it was time to pay the annual dues of $10.00. She noted that there were 34 dues paying members in 2005.

Deb mentioned the Our Center and LAD’s continuing support for that organization. Marilyn Hughes stated that we have contributed over 383 lbs of food to the Our Center. Again Deb asked if there were any other organizations that we could help and that would benefit the Democratic cause?

Deb also mentioned that in the future certain monthly meetings of the Boulder County Democrats would be held in Longmont. She also mentioned that the Democratic caucus meetings were set for March 21, 2006

There was a brief discussion about the Wal-Mart issue and the economic impact study proposed by the City Council from Council Women Karen Benker. Deb also acknowledged that in addition to Karen Benker being present, former City Councilman Tom McCoy was also in attendance.

Guest speaker Jack Pommer-11th district state representative gave a presentation on the possible state budget and its relationship to the newly passed Referendum C. This is a very complicated issue but he assured us the money would the spent as stated in the ballet. He explained that the timeout from Tabor money would be spent equally on: (1) K-12 schools (2) Health care (3) Higher education but that a certain amount of the money would and should be spent on capital construction and highways. He also mentioned some very interesting lawsuits that may very well impact the state budget!

In a question and answer session that followed the presentation, Jack answered many questions that were put to him by the audience. Questions asked included: (1) Pension funds liabilities (2) Health care problems (3) Future prison spending and the current problems in the correction system (4) Medicaid spending problems (5) Renewable energy concerns.

Jack talked about some of the issues most important to him: (1) going to a five year budget cycle (2) a national health care program as a final solution for the health care issue (3) Innovative ways to solve the energy crisis and not just subsidizing more energy use. (4) The problems associated with lobbyist and special interest money. (5) A referendum in November to allow the state to negotiate with drug companies over the price of pharmaceutical drugs.

Deb adjourned the meeting at 8:25 pm conversation and refreshment were enjoyed by all following the meeting.

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