November 2, 2005 Minutes

Minutes of the November 2, 2005 meeting of the Longmont Area Democrats

Submitted by Deb Gardner and Kathy Simon, Secretary

7 pm at 375 Airport Road, Longmont, CO

The meeting was called to order by President Lee Springer. About 50 people were present. Guests included Rep. Angie Paccione and Mark Shaffer from the 4th CD Committee. Senator Brandon Shaffer and City Council Woman Karen Benker were also introduced.

Lee Springer reminded everyone of the next fundraiser on Nov. 8. California Actors’ Theater will perform a “Musical Love Fest” at 101 Pratt Street. Tickets are $20 and we will be serving chocolate desserts and red wines. Thank you, Lee.

Another fundraiser is our new cook book created by Wanda Sterner. They are now for sale at $15 each and include photos, recipes, and household hints. Thank you, Wanda.

Next month’s meeting (Dec. 7, 2005) is our annual “stuff and gorge” night. Bring something to eat or drink. Also we will have our election of new officers for the year 2006. Chris Berry will bring his special wings to eat!

Marilyn Hughes asks us to bring a little extra food for the OUR Center next month. We can drop off canned foods at her house anytime. (1126 4th Ave.) They particularly need canned fruit and vegetables.

Mark Shaffer from the Congressional District 4 Committee (CD 4 Committee) was introduced.. Mark said that this committee was formed to raise money and do community building in advance of there being a Democratic Candidate for the 4th CD. They had meetings all over the district, walked in parades, and helped county parties get organized. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) now chaired by Dr. Howard Dean has sent four full time people to Colorado to help us organize for the congressional elections in 2006.

State Rep. Angie Paccione was introduced. She serves House District 53 in Northern Colorado. “It’s time to get rid of Marilyn.” I’m excited and thrilled to be here. Angie Paccione loves people. Her nickname in college was “The Mayor.” She majored in political science. In the year 2000 she went to vote and noticed there was no Democratic candidate for the Fourth Congressional District. She decided then that she wanted to be a candidate. She was born and raised in New York. In the past she ran for office in Ft. Collins. She’s a single woman, half black and is Democratic by definition. She has cross-over appeal. Please look on her website for more biographical details.

Angie Paccione said the following:

Being in politics is about doing something for the 4th Congressional District. Marilyn has done nothing for the 4th Congressional District. I am a doer. I have helped stem the tide of the “brain drain” and helped to make it illegal to price gouge.

I’m asking you to help me win this seat. We are starting early and with the endorsement of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). I will have appeal in rural Colorado. Already we have 50 Master’s students with plans to have house parties for the campaign. All people in Colorado really have the same issues: health care, education, jobs, and economics.

I’m not about being anti-Marilyn. This will be a pro-Angie campaign.

Mark Shaffer of the 4 CD Committee added the following:

We now have a fifty-state initiative from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In Colorado the DNC has hired four field operatives (paid staff) to work in the four corners of the state. It is somewhat of a rural initiative. We are trying to rebuild the party in these areas. Robin VanAusdall is in our area. We have a long-term view.

He invited everyone to attend the November 15 event. Deb Gardner is hosting one at her house. Tuesday at 6:30 pm bring a dish to share for dinner and stay for the phone call from Howard Dean. Democrats are meeting in homes across the nation for a teleconference sponsored by the DNC.

Mark noted that the Fourth Congressional District Committee really has a bad representative in Marilyn. We had lots of energy right after the 2005 election. We then examined what happened in that election process and discussed what we could do about it. We were creating an environment that would help quality candidates to come forward. We were partisan but not candidate specific. We were especially working on the eastern plains of the state striving for some visibility and trying to raise money. Any candidate can use their lists and contacts, etc.

Sen. Brandon Shaffer said the following:

It is not just our imagination; we have seen the newest polling data and people truly do not like Marilyn. They are looking for somebody else to vote for. We can win!!

We are looking at the Amendment 37 on renewable energy. How can you make it relevant to the rural communities? There is a whole lot of wind out there! We need to make sure the platform appeals to all people in the constituency.

Your access to high quality education should not be dependent upon where you live. Everyone has the right to high quality education. We need to have the federal government fund education more.

We have been talking to the Greens for six months. The Greens have indicated they will not run a candidate if Angie Paccione runs.

The meeting was adjourned for refreshments. The next general meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month as usual: December 7, 2005. It’s a potluck and the feast will begin at 6:30 pm at 375 Airport Road. (Set-up will start at 5:45 pm and all help is welcome for the clean-up after dinner and the election of officers.)

The next Executive Board Meeting is 6:30 pm MONDAY, Nov. 14, 2005, not Tuesday the 15th, when we will gather at Deb Gardner’s home for Howard Dean’s phone call

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