July 6, 2005 Minutes

Minutes of the July 6, 2005 LAD monthly meeting

Co-president, Lee Springer, opened the meeting by announcing that we are to leave the chairs unstacked after each of our monthly meetings. We do not need to stack them after each meeting. There was no treasurer’s report as the treasurer David Ahrens is in Italy. He will be back and give a report at the August meeting.

Lee introduced Karen Benker, Ward 2 City Council member. She announced she will be running for election and asked for help. A sign-up sheet was passed around for those willing to help her with her campaign. If you want to help, call her or email her. Her phone number is in the phone book.

Next was Tom McCoy who announced he will be seeking the position of mayor. Tom is presently a Longmont Council person at-large but is term limited. He needs volunteers to help with his election, but he isn’t going to ask for money nor will he accept any. If people want to make signs for their yard that would be acceptable. He asks that people write letters to the editor in support of him after Labor Day.

Baron Beshoar was able to get a grant of $1,000 to hold the first swing function in Longmont… It will be held on Aug 13th at the Roosevelt Park. There will be bands, dancing and swing dancing lessons. Flyers will be coming out soon but for more information go to the website www.hotclubofboulder.com

Rob Roy reminded people of the Rhythm on the River this Saturday. If you can help at the booth, contact him. Rob Roy is also hosting a community team launch gathering at his home Tues, 7PM to 9PM for all those who have been, or want to be a precinct leader. Volunteers are needed. For more info contact him.

The guest speaker for the evening was County Commissioner Ben Perlman. Ben reiterated how important it is for volunteers to get involved, especially in the election process by helping to get people to vote and supporting the candidates. He said that the last election year was a good start and gave us a good foundation on which to build.

Ben has been a County Commissioner for six months. He gave an overview of what the commissioner’s job is. He described it as being an all purpose dealing with land development issues, open space, county roads, job training, social safety issues, funding for elected officials. He stated that most of the issues are in the unincorporated areas of the county.

One thing the new board did was to rejoin the organization of Colorado counties. Ben was asked how he felt about having five commissioners. He said that at this time he did not see the need. The pros for extending the board world are to have more people to help with certain projects, but he felt it would slow down the process and the cost of two more commissioners may outweigh the benefits. The commissioners have hired a person to handle a new project to revise the land use code.

Karen asked about the effect of the homeless, and if the population was growing in the county as it is in the City of Longmont. She said the city will be publishing a study recently done showing that in Longmont the homeless numbers have grown. Ben directed her to talk with the head of the Social Services in Boulder when she asked if the County would be able to help with the Longmont problems, as they do in Boulder. They both agreed that there is a need for more affordable housing and transitional housing in our area.

Robert Zimmerer announced he had copies of the Main Street Press for people to take home. It is a new political paper. Just before closing the meeting, Lee announced that on July 14th Howard Dean would be in Denver at the Oxford Hotel from 5:30-8:30. Admission is $100 per person or $500 for a sponsorship.

The meeting was adjourned.

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