May 4, 2005 Minutes

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting May 4, 2005

Submitted by Kathy Simon, Secretary

New Location: 375 Airport Road, Public Works Building Cafeteria, Longmont, CO 80503

7:00 pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 pm by President Lee Springer. Over 50 people were present. The guest speakers (Sen. Shaffer and Rep. Pommer) were still at work in the Senate and the House. They were detained by a stall tactic on the part of the Republicans. A Shaffer assistant was present and spoke briefly: David Ahrens, Treasurer of Longmont Area Democrats (LAD).

President Lee Springer announced two fundraisers and their sponsors.

(1) California Actors’ Theater—Eileen Penner

We have purchased 50 seats for Thursday, May 19, 2005 for “Just Old Friends” which is a musical cabaret. We are selling the tickets

for $20. The new theater is located at 101 Pratt Street, Longmont. Contact Eileen for tickets at

(2) Garage Sale – – -Pat Davis

We will hold our second annual garage sale this summer (July possibly) at 1709 Harvard, so collect items from your basement and closets and take them to Pat at 1709 Harvard.

President Lee Springer next reviewed the Support Our Troops efforts we can make:

(1) Phone cards

Do more than put a ribbon on your car. Buy phone cards and mail them to injured soldiers who need to make personal phone calls. (The government does not pay for personal phone calls.)

Send to:

Medical Family Assistance Center

Building 2 Room 3E01

6000 Georgia Ave NW

Washington, DC 20307-5001


(2) Send goods

Go to and click on “How to Send”

They need paperback books, food, phone cards, games, cards, and sanitary items.

Treasurer David Ahrens gave a brief report: the bank account is very full right now, mostly due to the sale of theater tickets for the fundraiser on May 19, 2005.

David Ahrens then conveyed some messages from and about Sen. Brandon Shaffer.

The stall tactic today keeping the senator from our meeting involved two Republicans being absent which prevented a vote from taking place. The State Highway Patrol was out searching for them so that business could continue on the floor of the State Senate. This session ends next Wednesday, May 11, and the Republicans are trying to let the clock run out.

Sen Shaffer is now the ex-officio “whip” who is keeping the Democrats organized and present for all votes.

Pat Davis of Longmont will be the Shaffer Legislative Aide next session. Please send any questions to her.

Sen. Shaffer’s win meant more than Democratic control of votes; it meant control of committees, and getting a Democratic President of the Sentate, among other things. (Sen. Joan Fitz-Gerald)

In the aftermath of the Kerry/Bush election there is pain, but at the state level there is recovery. Sen. Shaffer is at his best even when rushed and frustrated. He gives a “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” flavor to the Senate, according to David Ahrens. Sen. Shaffer does the right thing even when no one is looking. Co-workers highly praise his leadership.


(1) We appreciate the Shaffer Sentinel distributed online.

Response: This is important to Brandon Shaffer. The Sentinel will see imporvements soon, such as added audio links. If you want to receive this newsletter please give your e-mail address to Pat Davis, 1709 Harvard, Longmont, CO 80503.

(2) What happened to the statewide smoking ban bill?

Response: The Republican governor threatened to veto it. It’s now going back to the House for a re-write. (The House passed that.)


(3) What if the state smoking ban is weaker than local laws?

Response: The stronger city code will overrule the state laws.

(4) What is the status of the tobacco tax legislation?

Response: David Ahrens is unsure. Sen. Shaffer carried three main bills: A. Kindergarten B. Childhood Immunizations C. Family Friendly

Courts. Sen. Shaffer was looking for money for the immunizations from the tobacco tax legislation.

(5) The marriage amendment was defeated; will it appear again?

Response: Not this session.

(6) Will the Republicans try to revise any of our bills?

Response: They will mostly try stall tactics and they will try to run out the clock so that our bills don’t surface before May 11. They will

tell the media the “Dems want to tax and spend.”

(7) Sen. Ron Tupa spoke last month about election reform; has there been any progress?

Response: Sen. Bill 198 passed providing paper documentation for electronic voting machines.

Pat Davis will take these questions to Sen. Shaffer and he can address them in his online newsletter.

(8) What’s the report on Sen. Tupa’s bill on elections?

Response: David Ahrens was unsure, but he is proud of the way two Democrats, Tupa and Ken Gordon, both brought bills on election reforms and still worked well together.

(9) Is there any soul searching going on at the Colorado State Party concerning what might be learned from the last election? Any analysis?

Response: Probably tons. It’s about how to marry IDEALISM and PRACTICALITY.

(10) What’s the buzz on who will run for Governor?

Response: Probably Denver Mayor Hickenlooper will run. The Republican candidate will possibly be Beauprez. The talk in Denver is about how Sen. Romanoff would be good, “but he’s not married.” Some wonder how that would play on the Western Slope.

(11) Could you explain the Senate rules that caused today’s hold up and the absence of our guest speakers?

Response: There was a vote on a bill and due to two Dems being out of the room, the vote was 16-15 instead of the usual 18-15 split.

Then since the vote is so close Republicans can contest and protest. It’s just procedural.

(12) Boulder County Democrats have new committees to help new leaders at the precinct level and new IT (technology) plans along with media plans and Tabor publicity plans. There will be a new website for postings. Also State Chair Pat Waak will speak at the next Wed. May 11 noon luncheon at the Spice of Life.

President Bev Springer announced that State Chairwoman Pat Waak will be speaking at our Longmont Area Democrats meeting in August.

(13) An observation — no response needed: It’s surprising we don’t have more real parties “out here” that raise money and have consistent activities.

(14) Why do we have two separate ballot issues, Referendum C and also Referendum D?

Response: State law intricacies. If D passes and C doesn’t, nothing changes at all. See the Bell Policy website for more information.

The meeting was adjourned and refreshments were served. $10 dues were collected from people wishing to become voting members of LAD.

The next meeting will be the first Wednesday of June, which is June 1, 2005, at 7 pm. The new location is the Public Works Building Cafeteria, 375 Airport Road, Longmont, CO 80503. The two guest speakers will be Jared Polis (State Board of Education) and Kathy Hall (St. Vrain Valley School Board); our topic will be education.

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