Our Next LAD Meeting, Jan. 2!

THIS Wednesday, January 2  6:30pm (meeting will start promptly at 6:45!)  Longmont Public Library (not Front Range!)  4th & Kimbark

This promises to be a NEW YEAR in more ways than one! The day after our meeting, Democrats will lead the New House MAJORITY in Washington, where, as Congressman-elect Joe Neguse (CD2) says they, “…will bring the hope, vision, and goals of effective governance back to the forefront…” swiftly passing legislation to reopen the government and hit the ground running introducing HR1*.

Here at home, our the Colorado General Assembly convenes this week, where we have the exciting prospect of a FULL Democratic majority. (Stuff is gonna get DONE.)

As always, OUR NEXT MEETING on Wednesday, January 2, will lay important groundwork for the months leading up to 2020! We will have Sylvia Bernstein, from the League of Women Voters, talking to us about the National Popular Vote for presidential elections, and how Colorado could be poised to sign on to the Compact. 

We will also review LAD’s support statements. We believe the existing statements have stood the test of time, but would like your input in reviewing and improving them. You can see the current support statements here.

Please attend our first 2019 meeting as we usher in an exciting, promising, and productive new yearand please, bring a friend! Wednesday, January 2, 6:30pm, Longmont Public Library, 4th and Kimbark, Community room.

*More about HR1, here.

(Cartoon: Chris Britt  Copyright 2018 Creators Syndicate)

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LAD Holiday Potluck: Saturday, Dec. 8!

Saturday, December 8 • 11am–2pm • Front Range Community College • Community Room
(Please enter through Door C6 — this is a different door than usual, map here. ALSO, please bring your own service and a dish [with serving utensil] to share, beverages provided.)

Although this was a challenging, depressing, chaotic year, you didn’t despair: due to your hard work & votes it culminated in a most gratifying and historic 2018 BLUE WAVE MIDTERM ELECTION! 

So, let’s CELEBRATE: please come to the LAD Holiday Potluck NEXT Saturday, for good food, comfort, camaraderie, and good cheer for the season! 

We have a bit of business — approving a minor change to our bylaws* and electing the LAD Board (most board members will be continuing their service), and there will be elected officials in attendance. Current and newly signed up members will get voting credentials, but everyone is invited to share in the holiday fun! 

AND…as a special treat, we’ll have Jena Griswold, our Secretary of State-elect!

• Jena started with a “shoestring” campaign, ultimately garnering endorsements from President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

• Jena is the first Democrat ELECTED since 1955 (Bernie Bueshcher was appointed for one term in 2009), and first Democratic female ever elected to SOS!

• Jena will advocate for automatic voter registration & “reducing the power of dark money so that the billionaire class doesn’t drown out our voices.”

If you are a current member of LAD, we THANK YOU for your contribution in the past year! Many folks use the Holiday Potluck as an opportunity to renew or, if you like the work we are doing, to sign up for membership ($25/year per person, cash or check, thanks!).

Please join us…and please, bring a friend! Saturday, December 8, 11am–2pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C6 — this is a different door than usual. Map here. We’re trying to avoid interrupting a ceremony that will be happening in the FRCC cafeteria, THANKS!)We’d like to make this as close to a zero waste event as possible: please bring your own service (plate, silverware) and a dish to share (with serving utensil). THANK YOU!

*An official call to this meeting was sent to our email list on Nov. 28 & Nov. 30. You can find the revised bylaws here. 

If you are unfamiliar with the work we do, here’s a look at our past meetings.


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thank you!


That means we SIGNIFICANTLY affected the outcome of statewide races:

JARED POLIS is Colorado’s first openly gay governor-elect (given that Colorado was formerly dubbed the “hate state” and Masterpiece cake sales aside, Jared’s orientation was not an issue or the subject of attack ads.)

PHIL WEISER is our Attorney General-elect.

JENA GRISWOLD is our Secretary of State-elect. She is also the first woman ever and the first Democrat elected to the seat since Eisenhower was President.

DAVE YOUNG is our State Treasurer-elect…

Meaning, a BLUE SWEEP of Colorado’s Statewide offices!


Locally, we re-elected JONATHAN SINGER as our State Representative for HD11. SONYA JAQUEZ LEWIS is now our State Representative-elect for HD12.

We now have a FULL BLUE MAJORITY in our State Legislature (the Colorado General Assembly), with 41 Democrats in the State House — the largest number since 1959. State Representative KC BECKER (HD13) will be our Speaker of the House and State Senator STEVE FENBERG (SD18) will be our Senate Majority Leader. Our legislature now proudly has its first transgender member, BRIANNA TITONE (HD27) and its first openly gay Latina ROCHELLE GALINDO (HD50) 

WATCH FOR GUN SAFETY, OIL & GAS REGULATION, and other bills promoting COMMON-SENSE  COLORADO VALUES coming your way!

KAREN MCCORMICK (Congress – 4th) and TIM KRUG (State Board of Education, CD4) gave VALIANT and PRINCIPLED FIGHTS. We CONGRATULATE them both for working so hard to connect to voters all over the 4th Congressional District. That knowledge is invaluable.

LESLEY SMITH is CU Regent At Large — the only Regent with faculty experience!

Boulder County continues to boast an impressive roster of Democratic public servants. We are grateful.:

MIKE DOUGHERTY Boulder County District Attorney

MATT JONES — Boulder County Commissioner, District 3

MOLLY FITZPATRICK — Boulder County Clerk

CYNTHIA BRADDOCK — Boulder County Assessor

JOE PELLE — Boulder County Sheriff

EMMA HALL — Boulder County Coroner

PAUL WEISSMANN — Boulder County Treasurer

LEE STADELE — Boulder County Surveyor



DISAPPOINTMENTS: Amendment V (Reduce Age Qualification for Legislative Members), Amendment 73 (Education Funding), Amendment 110 (Transportation Tax), and Proposition 112 (2500 ft Fracking Setback) all failed to pass.

BUT, A DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY in Colorado’s General Assembly might address what these measures were trying to.

THANKFUL that Amendment 74 did not pass! If it had, Oil and Gas would have been able to do whatever it wanted in Colorado. Also thankful 109 didn’t pass — a bad transportation bill, with no way to fund it.

ALSO THANKFUL we finally rid our Constitution of slavery (Amendment A), we passed redistricting reform (Amendments Y & Z), we designated Industrial hemp as statutory (Amendment X), and we put a cap on payday loan costs (Proposition 111).


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BALLOTS ARE DUE to the Boulder County Clerk’s office by TUESDAY, NOV. 6, 7PM

DO NOT mail your ballot after Halloween (Wednesday) —
it won’t make it to the Clerk’s office in time!
Instead, drop it off at 6th & Coffman. Other locations & hours here.

Click this widget for everything you need to know
about your 2018 Ballot
(including judges):

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Our 10/27/18 Blast…

Here’s our latest blast, sent on 10/27/18. If you’d like to sign up for our email blasts, send us an email with “Sign Me Up!” in subject line to: longmontareadems@gmail.com


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Our 10/20/18 Blast…

Here’s our latest blast, sent on 10/20/18. If you’d like to sign up for our email blasts, send us an email with “Sign Me Up!” in subject line to: longmontareadems@gmail.com


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The MOST IMPORTANT Midterm Election of Your Lifetime: November 6, 2018!


ANY QUESTIONS? Contact us at longmontareadems@gmail.com.


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NEXT LAD Meeting: Wednesday, October 3!

WEDNESDAY: Know Your Ballot! 
Wednesday, October 3 • 6:30pm! • Front Range Community College • Community Room

IT COMES DOWN TO THIS!: All the months of withstanding the upside-down world of trump, the heartbreak of last week, and agony about what’s ahead — will be reckoned with

your vote.

We’re going to walk you through your ballot that will arrive mid-October, going through ballot recommendations (including a preview of the BCDP Voter Guide) as well as covering candidates on that part of your ballot that is sometimes neglected by voters — but just as important, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

And, just as we have for the last several months, you will have ACCESS to some of the candidates on your ballot, who will be in attendance to answer questions.

After this meeting, you’ll be more IN THE KNOW about your ballot than most people, so we’ll be asking you to share this information with everyone you know.

Our Democracy (and our sanity!) depends on it.

vote your whole ballot.

Join us…and please, bring a friend! THIS WEDNESDAY, October 3, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C4, go left, past the cafeteria, Community Room is on the right across from the bathrooms.)


Bruce MacKinnon, The Chronicle Herald:

All Colorado elections are MAIL-IN BALLOT. YOURS WILL ARRIVE MID-OCTOBER. Go to govotecolorado.com to register to vote on any day (you’ll need ID), check your registration, or verify/change to your current address. Your address needs to be current by October 29 in order to receive your ballot in the mail, but you can go to any VSPC (Voter Service Polling Center) beginning October 22, and vote or register to vote in person (Bring ID). Save postage and drop your mail-in ballot at any VSPC in your county (and get an “I Voted” sticker. Wear that sticker to encourage others to vote. DO NOT mail your ballot after October 31 — it won’t get to the Clerk’s office in time). The sooner you drop off your ballot, the sooner the election calls will stop. Your main VSPC in Longmont is at 6th & Coffman with a 24-Hour Drop box available on October 15. Sign up for Ballot Track (text reminders of your ballot’s progress) or find more VSPCs listed at bouldercountyvotes.org

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Our 9/30/18 Blast…

Here’s our latest blast, sent on 9/30/18. If you’d like to sign up for our email blasts, send us an email with “Sign Me Up!” in subject line to: longmontareadems@gmail.com


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