Where We Stand

• We support the enactment of comprehensive reform to immigration law, providing a clear pathway to citizenship, that will include the full protection of U.S. labor law, protection against exploitation, and the rejection of discrimination.

• We support the establishment of an open, transparent, and publicly financed election system that minimizes adverse influence on the political process.

• We support an amendment to the Constitution to make clear that corporations are not persons and therefore are not afforded the rights of persons.

• We support the protection of our planet and the improvement of our environment, which requires the development of: effective regulation, conservation programs, the protection of our air, water, and other limited natural resources, as well as alternative energy sources to lessen the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

We support the continued withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in a safe and measured way. While we believe that war must be waged only as a last resort, we are always prepared to defend our nation and our values, when the pursuit of all diplomatic options, both regional and international, have been exhausted.

• We support the continued implementation and improvement of the Affordable Care Act and believe that ultimately, the United States should enact a single payer universal healthcare system.

• We support legislation and programs that make all public and adult education accessible and affordable, no matter the neighborhood or socioeconomic status of the student.

• We support the development of governmental policies that ensure living wage jobs and protect workers from wage theft, thus benefiting the economy and increasing the standard of living for all Americans.

• We support legislation and initiatives that protect and restore our civil liberties, reproductive rights, personal dignity, choice and respect of all human beings. Every citizen must be treated equally under the laws of our land.

• We support responsible gun ownership and gun safety programs, and are determined to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. We strongly urge universal background checks, closing gun show loopholes, banning semiautomatic assault weapons and limiting high capacity magazines to 15 rounds.

NOTE: We are currently revising these support statements as per suggestions from attendees at our January 2019 meeting. We will update this page when those revisions are complete.