Community Legislative Early Action Network — CLEAN

NOTE: The 2019 Colorado Legislative Session starts January 10, 2019. Democrats now hold FULL MAJORITY on the State House side (Speaker of the House is KC Becker) and on the State Senate side (Senate Majority Leader is Steve Fenberg) of Colorado’s General Assembly.

GOAL: To provide LAD members and interested followers more up to date information on upcoming bills in the Colorado House and Senate, providing residents an avenue to influence the way bills are crafted, communicating the type of bills that communities would like to see from their representatives, and helping discourage “bad” bills from passing — all in a timely manner. Too often people are not aware of issues regarding bills until right before a vote is imminent, or when a bill is going to the last committee hearing. This is not the best time to be communicating with legislators! To be an effective Community Activist, it needs to happen earlier and more regularly.

CLEAN began in 2014, and in 2017, CLEAN actions expanded to the Federal level as well.

HOW: This CLEAN Working Group will get the latest legislative information via the CLEAN mailing list. Members of the group may choose to visit the Capitol on a regular basis to talk with legislatures and observe the process — encouraging legislation that focuses on citizens’ needs in comparison to corporations! In other words, set up a two way communication network that can rapidly disseminate what needs to be DONE in regard to specific ideas and upcoming legislation.

To view CLEAN’s latest training presentation go here. To download CLEAN’s latest training presentation pdf, go here.

If you are interested in being a part of this network please contact Marilyn Hughes at