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Here’s what it does, for the ENTIRE COUNTRY:

  • $4 billion in election funding to expand vote by mail and maintain safe in-person voting locations,
  • Any eligible voter in any state can request mail-in ballot for any reason, and can request it online
  • Bans states from throwing out ballots without giving the voter the opportunity to fix discrepancies
  • Requires mail-in ballots to include pre-paid postage
  • Same-day and online voter registration
  • Extended early voting days
  • Safety measures for in-person voting, including protective gear for poll workers
  • $25 billion in funding for the United States Postal Service! 



Senator Michael Bennet(D): 202-224-5852 (DC)
303-455-7600 (Denver).
Senator Cory Gardner (R): 202-224-5941 (DC)

OR USE RESISTBOT (text “resist” to 50409)

THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC has magnified the problematic conditions that existed in our country before the first case was reported. Our presidential “leadership” is especially distressing, but the performance of Governor Polis (as well as Democratic Governors and a few Republicans) during this crisis has been exemplary. We must follow our Governor’s directives, which are based on scientific and medical analysis, communication with counties and agencies throughout our state and with trusted advisors and experts on his team. As of this writing, the stay at home protocol is WORKING and we must be vigilant to keep demanding resources that our first responders (especially healthcare workers) desperately need, as well as vigilantly mindful of what keeps ALL of us safe.

The pandemic also brings to light what MUST be fixed immediately, as well as what must be strengthened on the other side of this crisis:
OUR ELECTIONS: we are lucky here in Colorado to have the mail in ballot. But we know that it was a long process to get here. It is the other states in our country that must ramp up their ability to at least use absentee ballots for state primaries and the 2020 general election. Your action toward this goal is to advocate to friends and family members in other states the power of the the mail-in ballot: the ease of use (thus driving voter turnout UP, vulnerable communities have more access to their right to vote), transparency (a process that’s easy to understand and can be tracked as it is here in Boulder County), security (blows the “voter fraud” myth out of the water!) and perhaps most importantly verifiability (the paper ballot is essentially a paper trail!).
New York Times: “We Should Never Have to Vote in Person Again”
is for non-presidential offices on the federal, state and county levels. Your ballot will arrive in the first or second week of June.

SAVE OUR UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE: An historic, essential service that is part of our US Constitution! READ: “Save the Postal Service”, The Atlantic, 4/24/2020, here.


1. Buy stamps store.usps.com

2. Contact Reps tell them to include support of the USPS in ANY Coronavirus stimulus bill! text “resist” to 50409

3. moveon.org text MAIL to 668356 to demand full Postal Service funding!

4. votevets.org sign their petition!

OUR CENSUS: Extremely critical that as many folks as possible respond to the census online, phone or mail, NOW, alleviating the need for as many census workers to be put at risk in future weeks. See our Longmont Area Democrats presentation on the 2020 Census, here.

NATIONAL CENSUS WEBSITE: 2020Census.gov | response rates

CITY OF LONGMONT: longmontcolorado.gov/census


POSTCARDS urging folks to respond to the Census, via commoncause.org!
CONTACT Kathy Partridge to pick yours up, or arrange for drop off!

IT’S COMING: The REPEAL of the National Popular Vote Compact will  be on your 2020 ballot. YES to the NPV and NO to trump — a WIN WIN! More, here.

Ongoing Action Items:

Don’t Despair.

Since November 9, 2016, there has been plenty to feel desperate about. But the best antidote is ACTION. 

Last fall, for the 2019 electionremember, municipal elections are held in odd years — Longmont was energized to turn out the vote. Prop CC (a TABOR fix) did fail, but Longmont managed to re-elect and elect 2 more progressives onto our city council. This bodes well for smart development projects, economic growth that is accessible to everyone, continued and improved sustainability for our city, improved inclusion for all of Longmont’s neighborhoods, with a clear eye on securing affordable housing, amongst other progressive values.

The 2018 election was unlike other midterms: Colorado had the second highest turnout in the nation, and NATIONAL TURNOUT was the highest since 1965! In case you need to be reminded of the very real BLUE WAVE that happened, go here.

Many of you worked very hard to get out the vote. Boulder County’s turnout was 85.2% in 2018, and that means we affected the outcome of those state level races — Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Treasurer. Our state also voted their whole ballot across many districts — securing our Democratic majority in our State Senate and strengthening our Democratic majority in State House. Remember, more voters in Colorado voted for Proposition 112 (2500 ft setbacks) than voted for Walker Stapleton for Governor. In other words, the voters of Colorado overwhelmingly rejected Republican leadership.

Those Democratic majorities in our Statehouse provided the engine for historic Colorado legislation that was passed in the 2019 session, that ended in May: Oil and Gas Health & Safety, ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or the Red Flag Bill), Comprehensive Sex EdBanning Conversion Therapy, The 2019 Healthcare Cost Savings Act — just to name a few!

The Republicans screamed “overreach” almost immediately, BUT —95% OF THE BILLS PASSED HAD BIPARTISAN CO-SPONSORSHIP!

MEANWHILE IN WASHINGTON, House Democrats passed 230 BILLS! Yes, they are languishing in McConnell’s Obstruction Graveyard — but ALL THE MORE REASON TO TAKE BACK THE SENATE! Here in Colorado, we have an unprecedented number of qualified Democratic contenders poised to SEND CORY BACK TO YUMA. (Read about our response to the DSCC, here.)

Besides, you can always call Moscow Mitch and give him hell. WATCH THIS:

Yes, we can do it ALL. And we ARE.

Record turnout? Check.
Multiple Democratic challengers in previously “unwinnable” races? Check.
Landmark legislation passed in Colorado because you elected a Democratic majority? Check. Recalls THWARTED for those Democratic legislators who DID the job they were elected to do? Check.
A unified front dedicated to getting rid of trump and taking back our Senate? CHECK.

DON’T DESPAIR. Reject the “Democrats in Disarray” rhetoric that our false equivalency media likes to promote (along with normalizing trump!). 

CONTINUE TO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN OUR DEMOCRACY — that only makes it stronger! And we have several ways to do it: PRIMARY ELECTION on TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2020 for all non-presidential offices, and the GENERAL ELECTION on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020!

Please check back here.

We meet the first Wednesday of the month. The events widget to your right, will give you general info on upcoming meetings as details become available.  We promise to strive for the best and most effective information that inspires you to DO. We held regular candidate forums all through 2017 and 2018, with record attendance — giving folks an up-close look at the caliber of Democratic candidates stepping up to serve. With the field narrowed by the primary on June 26, we continue to see active engagement with relationships continuing to be built. We also conduct meetings to inform folks about specific issues, with dynamic experts and action items. You can see the slide presentations of previous meetings when you click our Resources widget.

We have regular email blasts that list local events, but also impromptu rallies in response to current issues, as well as when to contact our electeds in support or opposition to upcoming legislation. To sign up for our blasts, send an email to longmontareadems@gmail.com with “Sign Me Up!” in the subject line to sign up for our email blasts. To review our previous blasts (by date), you can check them out on our home page here.

LAD created CLEAN — Community Legislative Early Action Network to participate in weekly conference calls with legislators and their aides, train folks how to track bills in our state legislature, how to testify for or against bills at committee, etc. To find out more about CLEAN, click the widget to the right. Also check out the CLEAN Training Presentation and Member Handbook.

Ask to join Longmont Area Democrats on facebook  (it’s a closed group, to keep out the crazies), or follow us on twitter @LongmontDems

And always, if you have any political questions at all, email us at longmontareadems@gmail.com