Current Action Item:

Another way to get Northwest Rail. Contact the Boulder County Commissioners and Longmont City Council to urge a portion of funding allocated from current transportation initiative to be used for Peak Service Plan. More info and contact links here.

Ongoing Action Items:

Don’t Despair.

Since November 9, 2016, there has been plenty to feel desperate about. But the best antidote is ACTION — no matter how seemingly small. Look at this way: if you commit to doing more than you are right now, it can’t hurt. And it might distract you — in a good way — until pretty soon you see actual progress. And the first place to promote progress is right in your neighborhood.

Start with the basics. Make sure you are registered to vote. You can register to vote online. Young folks getting their driver’s licenses can pre-register to vote (their voter registration then automatically becomes active when they turn 18). If you are registered, it’s always a good idea to check your registration periodically, but also to make sure your address is correct — Colorado is all mail-in ballot for every election (Democrats drafted that legislation that made it Colorado law). You can check your voter registration and register to vote at govotecolorado.com

Know Your Districts. You can find all of your district information when you look up your voter registration at govotecolorado.com, and click the “County and District Information” tab. If you don’t know your districts, it is unlikely that you would then know who is representing you properly — or for that matter, if you need to vote for someone else. You can find more details about your districts by clicking the Know Your Districts widget on this page, including a handy worksheet to use and to share.

Why it’s important to affiliate. Of course, since you’ve landed on a site created by Longmont Area Democrats (LAD), we advocate for affiliating with the Democratic Party (natch). But there’s good reason to do so. By affiliating with a party, you are more likely to know about upcoming races — the ones that the media does not cover, but are still vital to the health of our democracy. As one example, your Democratic state legislators work very hard every session to draft sensible gun safety laws, or oil and gas regulations that protect our health and safety.

Another good reason to affiliate is connecting with your precinct leader. A precinct leader is someone who lives in your neighborhood, who is tasked with getting out the vote for Democrats. You can look up your precinct leader here. If you don’t have one, please consider becoming one yourself. Several members of LAD are precinct leaders or area coordinators, and would be glad to walk you through the steps. The precinct leader system is a construct of the county party.

Since Longmont resides in Boulder County, the Boulder County Democratic Party (BCDP) is your source for precinct leaders (also known as the Field Team), Caucus, County Assembly, and State Assembly. The BCDP has Executive Committee meetings every month that are open to the public, where elected officials are often in attendance. The BCDP has one of the finest Field Teams in the state, produces the BCDP Voter Guide — you’ve probably received one — was instrumental in getting out the vote in 2016, thus helping to deliver all 9 of Colorado’s electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. Find out more at bocodems.org.

MORE ABOUT VOTING: You should receive your ballot by mid-October.
VOTE as soon as you receive your ballot (then election calls and door knocks will stop).
VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT. Every race is important, including judges and ballot issues. If you leave any part of your ballot blank, you allow others to choose for you. And those down ballot races (SOS, AG, County Clerk, and more) will protect our state from an extremist SCOTUS! (The BCDP Voter Guide is a great resource if you have questions! It will be posted when available on bocodems.org)
You can register to vote up to and including Election Day. BALLOTS ARE DUE to the Boulder County Clerk’s office by Election Day, Tuesday, November 6 at 7pm. Save postage — and get an “I Voted” sticker — by dropping off ballots in Longmont at the Clerk’s office on 6th and Coffman.

VERY IMPORTANT: For specific city and countywide election information, bookmark the Boulder County Clerk’s website: bouldercounty.org/elections — Here you’ll find sample ballots, a listing of all countywide ballot drop off locations and hours (including where to find drive-up and 24-hour drop off boxes), as well as periodic election results as they come in on Election Day. The Boulder County Clerk also did a fantastic job of informing unaffiliated voters how to fill out their primary ballot in June. (Colorado had it’s first semi-open primary this year).

SIGN UP FOR BALLOT TRACK. This is a great service offered by the Boulder County Clerk’s office, where you can get text updates when your ballot is on its way to you, when the Clerk’s office has received your ballot and when your ballot has been processed. Scroll down on this page to sign up or to log in to Ballot Track.

Beyond Voting

If all you do is vote, vote your whole ballot and encourage everyone you know to do the same — THAT IS A LOT. AND THANK YOU!

But we also know that once you’ve got that mastered, many folks are inclined to do more. We suggest keeping in touch with us.

We meet the first Wednesday of the month. Please check back here for details. We promise to strive for the best and most effective information that inspires you to DO. We held regular candidate forums all through 2017 and 2018, with record attendance — giving folks an up-close look at the caliber of Democratic candidates stepping up to serve. With the field narrowed by the primary on June 26, we continue to see active engagement with relationships continuing to be built. We also conduct meetings to inform folks about specific issues, with dynamic experts and action items. You can see the slide presentations of previous meetings when you click our Resources widget.

We have regular email blasts that list local events, but also impromptu rallies in response to current issues, as well as when to contact our electeds in support or opposition to upcoming legislation. To sign up for our blasts, send an email to longmontareadems@gmail.com with “Sign Me Up!” in the subject line to sign up for our email blasts. To review our previous blasts (by date), you can check them out on our home page here.

LAD created CLEAN — Community Legislative Early Action Network — to participate in weekly conference calls with legislators and their aides, train folks how to track bills in our state legislature, how to testify for or against bills at committee, etc. To find out more about CLEAN, click its widget on our home page. Also check out the CLEAN Training Presentation and Member Handbook.

Ask to join Longmont Area Democrats on facebook  (it’s a closed group, to keep out the crazies), or follow us on twitter @LongmontDems

And always, if you have any political questions at all, email us at longmontareadems@gmail.com