about those recalls, repeals and ballot measures…

POLIS RECALL: Governor Polis received 1.3 MILLION VOTES — The People SPOKE. If they want to put up a “better” candidate, they can do so at the NEXT ELECTION (we’ll see how THAT goes…). Sore Loser Recalls are EXPENSIVE and thwart democracy!

PETTERSEN & LEE RECALLS: State Senator Brittany Pettersen (SD22), won her district by NINETEEN points. Go to pettersenproud.com to add your name in support of Senator Pettersen. State Senator Pete Lee (SD11) won with 61% of the vote. Go to protectpetelee.com to add your name in support of Senator Lee. Continue to support Our Colorado Way of Life.

From the Denver Post Editorial Board: “…Republican Nancy Pallozzi became very familiar with Pettersen’s policy positions when they ran against each other in the 2016 election. Pettersen won by a healthy margin. Pallozzi is now trying to recall Pettersen for the very types of issues they argued about on the campaign trail.” More, here.

…oh, HELL NO!: Anti choice activists have submitted SIX 22-week ABORTION BAN INITIATIVES (Class 3 FELONY) for review on August 2. DO NOT be complacent since Colorado has historically and resoundingly rejected similar measures in the past. We need ALL ADVOCATES on deck to speak out and defeat these efforts! DECLINE TO SIGN! More, here. 

IT’S COMING: The REPEAL of the National Popular Vote Compact will most likely be on your 2020 ballot (with confusing language to be sure). YES to the NPV and NO to trump — a WIN WIN! More, here.

ACTIONS: If you are approached to sign any petition DECLINE TO SIGN, unless you have access to trusted info about any approved petitions. We’ll keep you posted! Donate to, or volunteer with Our Colorado Way of Life, also on facebook. SPREAD THE MESSAGE on social media and to your contact lists that the RECALLS are WRONG, they invalidate votes (targeted electeds have WON BY LARGE MARGINS) and they cheat democracy.

Last fall’s 2018 election was unlike other midterms: Colorado had the second highest turnout in the nation, and NATIONAL TURNOUT was the highest since 1965! Many of you worked very hard to get out the vote. Boulder County’s turnout was 85.2% and that means we affected the outcome of those state level races — Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Treasurer. Our state also voted their whole ballot across many districts — securing our Democratic majority in our State Senate and strengthening our Democratic majority in State House. Remember, more voters in Colorado voted for Proposition 112 (2500 ft setbacks) than voted for Walker Stapleton for Governor. In other words, the voters of Colorado overwhelmingly rejected Republican leadership.

Those Democratic majorities in our Statehouse provided the engine for historic Colorado legislation that was passed in the 2019 session, that ended in May: Oil and Gas Health & Safety, ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or the Red Flag Bill), Comprehensive Sex EdBanning Conversion Therapy, The 2019 Healthcare Cost Savings Act — just to name a few!

The Republicans screamed “overreach” almost immediately, BUT —95% OF THE BILLS PASSED HAD BIPARTISAN CO-SPONSORSHIP!


Recall Colorado is heavily funded by Values First Colorado, the Colorado House Republicans’ caucus fund, run by House Minority Leader Patrick Neville and his brother Joe (political consultant for Rearden Strategic, through which a lot of this money is funneled). Much of this money came from Oil & Gas (Anadarko), big pharma, William Morris. Calling our recently signed Comprehensive Sex Ed bill, “State Sexuality Indoctrination” and our red flag bill, “Gun Confiscation” — there is no end to the propaganda. And the conflicts of interest continue: one of the vice chairs of the state republican party actually filed the recall petition against Tom Sullivan herself, saying that he “shamefully politicized the death of his son at the Aurora shooting”, in order to be elected.

…but they’re getting sloppy. The money the Neville’s didn’t spend on the 2018 election became a source of conflict between republicans — normally it’s “spend to the end”, blaming mismanagement for how many seats they lost (or lack of votes…hello?) and ultimately accusing the Neville’s of “keeping their own little mountain of power”, and that Patrick Neville cared more about keeping his leadership of the republican caucus than winning a house majority. Now they are spending that money on the recall effort.

Cole Wist, Tom Sullivan’s republican opponent — who lost by 8 points in that district — is against the recall.

We’d seen Tom Sullivan, whose son Alex was murdered at the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, testify at a gun safety hearing, long before he ran for office the first time (in 2016, for SD27) — and we knew he wouldn’t give up. They underestimated State Rep. Sullivan and the large support his constituents had for him.

STAY THE COURSE. The bills passed with Democratic leadership, working with Republican co-sponsors, will transform Colorado lives and set new standards for the nation. SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE RECALLS. Recalls are expensive to taxpayers and waste time — State Rep terms are only 2 years! DECLINE TO SIGN. Call Republicans and these groups out for cheating democracy, remind your neighbors how valuable their votes were last fall — and that republicans are trying to make those votes invalid.

SOURCES: Other Recalls Could Still Be Brewing After Effort Dropped Against Rep. Tom Sullivan “…Republicans Ponder Their Rocky Election.” | Neville Family Launches Recall Effort… |  A Hard Look at 2018’s GOP Soft Money | “…Shamefully Politicized the Death of His Son”


DID YOU KNOW our “illustrious” Congressman Ken Buck has TWO jobs? He insists on being the acting State Chair of the GOP (no conflict of interest there!). Meanwhile, he is speaking out in support of the recalls, saying recently, “we need to teach [Democrats] how to spell RECALL!”.

But here’s the thing: as a US Congressman representing the WHOLE of the 4th CD, he dragged his feet in Washington on a disaster relief bill — “…as the measure languished, disasters kept coming…” REP. BUCK EVENTUALLY VOTED NO (!) — even though other Colorado republicans in congress, like Scott Tipton, voted yes.

You know what to do: CONTACT KEN BUCK — GIVE HIM HELL!

202-225-4676 (DC) | 970-702-2136 (Greeley)

Enter your zip (+4) to email Buck’s office, here.

OR USE RESISTBOT: Text “resist” to 50409

SOURCES: Colorado GOP Chair Voted No on Disaster Relief Bill

Ongoing Action Items:

Don’t Despair.

Since November 9, 2016, there has been plenty to feel desperate about.But the best antidote is ACTION — that was evidenced by the record number of voter turnout for the midterm (!) election of 2018. For the nation, with the Democrats now controlling the House, and for the historical wins in Colorado. In case you need to be reminded of the very real BLUE WAVE that happened, go here.

Please check back here.

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