Below we’ll post resource materials from LAD events and meetings, as well as “Good to Know” reference information for political action. Thanks for attending LAD events, and for all that you do for democracy!

Hate Response Pledge Cards

Presentation slides from our June 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our May 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our April 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our March 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our February 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our January 2018 meeting
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Presentation slides from our December 2017 Potluck.

Presentation slides from our November 2017 meeting.

(Our October 2017 meeting was a Longmont City Council Candidate Forum. No presentation slides.)

Presentation slides from our September 2017 meeting.

Presentation slides from our June 2017 meeting.

Presentation slides from our May 2017 meeting.

Presentation slides from our April 2017 meeting.

When Buck showed up in Longmont, April 15, 2017.

Presentation slides from our March 2017 meeting.

Comments and answers from January 2017 meeting.

Presentation slides from our January 2017 meeting. (Also scroll down, this page.)

Buck Receives Money from Koch Brothers

DON’T FORGET to sign up for Daily ACTION ALERTS! Even though DC voicemail boxes become full, these alerts can be your signal to contact district offices.

If you haven’t heard of it by now, check out the Indivisible Guide, an activism tool created by former congressional staffers. Download the guide and sign up for updates (scroll down on page), here.

ANOTHER GREAT RESOURCE: Created by Colorado activists. Download the Colorado Resistance Manual here.

On January 17, 2017, LAD had its first meeting of the year, outlining an action plan for the next 3 months and presenting on Activism, ColoradoCare (Amendment 69), and CLEAN (Citizens Legislative Early Action Network. Download the presentation pdf here. Here are the slides from that presentation:

(Scroll down to Notes on Activism for how to look up your district information.)

Download Dr. Cagan’s presentation here.

Why is this important when it comes to activism?

Does anyone here remember the Occupy movement?  Started in 2011, it was centered at Zucotti Park in NYC to speak out against Wall Street corruption and got people to talking about the 99% and income and social inequality.  There were satellite protests as well. The one here in Longmont attracted 150 people to Main Street and was covered by Denver news stations. There was great energy and excitement, it was definitely shifting the narrative.

But here’s the thing: the Occupy Movement did not produce one candidate. Not only did they distinctly not align with the Democratic Party, there was no organized effort to recruit progressive candidates. Meanwhile, the Tea Party, which had started two years earlier, gave us the Tea Party Congress that obstructed Obama and Democrats for most of his terms. It gave us Coffman and Lamborn here in Colorado (Buck is endorsed by the Tea Party), Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Joe Walsh, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, Steve King, Rand Paul and many more.

In the Indivisible Guide, you can see tactics borrowed from the Tea Party movement. The difference is, Democrats stand for the right things. And now with the trumpocalypse, more Democrats are inspired to be on the defensive than ever before.

As bad as things are now with the impending trumpocalypse, we’ve been here before on some scale. My father was a POW with the Japanese and my mother grew up in Italy during the war. We all come from adversity turning into triumph. Drawing context from history lends a deeper perspective. Remember that any social movement for the better came about not because of elected officials, but because ordinary people organized — many times small groups merging into larger ones — to influence elected officials.

Even though the word progressive implies the positive hope one must certainly possess in order to be a progressive, you’ll be surprised at how many cynical progressives or Democrats you’ll meet. Sometimes this is simply because they’ve done their research and they’ve figured out that it’s pretty bad. And yeah, it’s pretty bad. There is not a person in this room that doesn’t understand just how bad it is. But here’s the strategy the next time you talk to the friend who starts the conversation with, “The Earth is dying…”: You listen for a bit and then you say, “So what are we going to do about it?”

Coming from a family of 6 kids, family analogies are big with me: I like to think of Democrats as this big dysfunctional family that always manages to show up at Thanksgiving dinner, arguments and all, because we still love each other and the big house we all grew up in. That house just needs repair now and then.


On April 14, 2016, Longmont Area Democrats participated in Front Range Community College’s Take Back the Night event. Here are resources from our pop-up booth (click below to see pdf’s):


Stories about the real-life affects of Fracking:



 The Story of El Comité. Watch the video below to learn about how El Comité started and read a Denver Post piece chronicling the tragic event that started it all. Please consider attending El Comité’s Annual Fundraising Dinner coming up on February 28, 2015. Great food, even greater cause!

El Comite video

Remember this when you hear the industry phrase “Fracking has been done safely for 60 years…”:


Still. True. Today.:


Did you ever wonder why folks vote against their best interests?: “I was poor, but a GOP diehard…”

 “In Defense of Obama”, Rolling Stone magazine, 10/8/14.

From our presentation on the Koch Brothers:







The film discussed elements of the Virtuous Cycle vs. the Vicious Cycle.

The Virtuous Cycle:
1. Productivity grows
2. Wages increase
3. Workers buy more
4. Companies hire more
5. Tax revenues increase
6. Government invests more
7. Workers are better educated
8. Economy expands

The Vicious Cycle:
1. Wages stagnate
2. Workers buy less
3. Companies downsize
4. Tax Revenues decrease
5. Government cuts programs
6. Workers are less educated
7. Unemployment rises
8. Economy suffers / “Robert Reich: Income inequality is the civil rights struggle of our time” / “Robert Reich: 10 ways to close the inequality gap”

Download Screening Discussion Guide

Inequality for All website