Next LAD Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 6:30pm

UPDATE 2/3/16: Great meeting tonight! SIXTY SIX people (including State Representative Singer and baby Gwendolyn) showed up tonight to learn about Caucus, coming up on March 1. We will have Marilyn’s slides posted here (there will be a “got caucus” widget on the left side of this page) in the coming days and if you have any questions about Caucus, post them LAD’s facebook page, or email us at Many thanks to John Cooper from the Hillary campaign and Jason Sherry from the Bernie campaign, who spoke for their candidates. Very special thanks to those of you who stepped up to volunteer at Caucus or who are interested in becoming Precinct Leaders (Longmont has many “orphan precincts”). And heartfelt thanks to the Longmont Democratic Community — old friends and new ones — an inspiring group of folks! Let’s continue to grow what we’ve started.

THIS Wednesday, February 3rd • 6:30pm (meeting will start promptly at 6:45!) • Front Range Community College • Community Room

CAUCUS IS MARCH 1, 2016: YOU MUST BE AFFILIATED WITH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY by now in order to participate in Caucus. You also must have registered to vote as residing in the precinct where you wish to attend caucus by FEBRUARY 1, 2016. SPECIAL NOTE: FIRST-TIME VOTERS must register and affiliate no later than FEBRUARY 1, 2016 in order to participate in caucus. Verify and/or update your voter information here. 

The Colorado Caucus is our “Primary”. If you feel strongly about your choice for a presidential candidate, Caucus is your chance to make your vote count! It’s only a couple of hours of your time and a great way to get your participation jump started, to vote, and possibly become a delegate.

Confused about how Caucus works and how to get involved?: Come to our NEXT Longmont Area Democrats meeting Wednesday, February 3rd, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room — and get your questions answered! This is a great opportunity to get information BEFORE Caucus on March 1st! We’ll help you find your precinct and your Caucus location.

IN ADDITION: Representatives from each Presidential campaign will be at the meeting to talk about their candidates and answer questions.

PLUS, TAMALES! (to take home with you): Delicious, fresh, homemade Red or Green Chili, and NOW VEGGIE TAMALES! $7.50 for a 6-pack, $15 for a 12-pack (tamales available at 6:15pm). We’d like to know how many to have on hand, so please email us to reserve yours!

Please join us…and please, bring a friend! THIS Wednesday, February 3rd, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C4, go left, past the cafeteria, Community Room is on the right across from the bathrooms.)

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CLEAN is ready for action in 2016!

CLEAN (Citizen Legislative Early Action Network) is the brainchild of the Longmont Area Democrats — a direct and effective link between CITIZENS and our legislators. Make your voice heard!

Please join us for a field trip to the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th! 
(The field trip replaces LAD’s regular January meeting)

We’ll meet at 9:00am at the north entrance of the Capitol and then proceed to an official hearing room — where bills are read and citizens’ testimony is taken during session — to learn about ways citizens can impact the state legislative body.

This is our second year of CLEAN, which was most successful last session. We’ll provide tips and training for every level of involvement, and you’ll be the first to know what bills might be introduced this session. Questions and announcements will follow this meeting.

Then, participants are free to tour the Dome and the Capitol museum and/or the State Supreme Court Building only a block away. If interested in visiting the Supreme Court, click here for more info.

  • Tours last 30-45 minutes and include a trip to the dome (Self-guided trips to the dome are NOT permitted).
  • There is no charge for tours.
  • All tours leave from the Visitor Services desk located on the first floor north wing.
  • Groups of 10 or less do not require a reservation.
  • For group reservations or more information, please visit or call 303 866 2604.

At 11:30am we will meet for lunch at nearby Sassafras (320 E. Colfax). Afterwards participants are on their own.

Please join us for this fun and informative way to start off 2016!
  • PLEASE RSVP for lunch and the meeting at BY SUNDAY, JANUARY 3RD. We will be making the reservation at Sassafras for the group.
    NOTE: If you want to carpool please add that in your RSVP and we will work to coordinate.
  • Many people may want to ride the bus: Check the RTD Schedule here.
THANKS for ALL that you DO!


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Deal with current terror, but understand its causes

This opinion editorial, written by one of our board members, Bob Norris, ran in the Longmont Daily Times-Call, 12/13/15:

There are a lot of things to think about regarding Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
ISIS is a brutal organization that needs to be terminated but does not reflect any reasonable interpretation of the faith of +Muslims any more than white Christian extremists should reflect on all Christians.
The U.S.-led war in Iraq created many terrorists. The crass comments by Dick Cheney and George W. Bush (shock and awe) following the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians were barbaric at best and offended many. That war targeted a country not responsible for 9/11. Cheney misled many to believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
Years of collateral damage and U.S. insensitivity to deaths of women, children and often entire families are clearly offensive to those living in countries that we are bombing. Wars create civilian deaths, but when Americans die there is outrage in this country. When citizens of Middle East countries die there is little sense of empathy and often little or no coverage in US papers.
Are these things not strong recruiting messages for terrorists? Additionally adding to the recruitment of terrorists is the xenophobic attitudes of many here in the U.S. and in other nations such as France. Bigoted comments by presidential candidates Trump, Carson and Bush (only allow Christians in) cause resentment and create fear and hatred. It is startling that the comments by some presidential candidates are not being addressed by other candidates or their party leaders. Both Trump and Carson lied about Muslims celebrating in Jersey City streets after 9/11. It has been refuted by Jersey City Police and many others.
Reminiscent of Nazi Germany: In response to a suggestion/question as to whether Muslims should register and carry special identifications, Trump said that he would not rule it out.
Trump did not rule out shutting down mosques. Maybe freedom of religion is not for everybody.
Trump and others are effective recruiters of terrorists.
Arriving in the U.S. as a refugee is a long process. The very extensive vetting process takes 18-24 months. Security screenings are conducted vigorously by the FBI, the Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. Those that enter are handpicked. If members of Congress now think that this is not sufficient where have they been?
States do not have the authority to decide who can enter their state.
There are much easier ways to enter this country, including tourist visas. Given that most or of the terrorists in Paris were/are, according to a recent Times-Call editorial, European citizens, we should be more concerned about home grown terrorists in our own country. Many young men (and a few women) have traveled to the Mideast to be trained as terrorists and then returned. Recruiting over the Internet is common.
We should also acknowledge that refugees have been accepted in large numbers in Europe from Syria, Iraq and other countries. These are individuals and families often fleeing for their lives. Syrian refugees have been fleeing violence for five years.
We continue to do knee-jerk reactions much to the liking of ISIS and other terrorists. Instead of thinking through the consequences of our action we rush to pass a bill through Congress. Unlike the resilience of the French who suffered greatly we appear to be cowards. The bill that was rushed through Congress may not have been read carefully by those who voted in the affirmative. Requiring the heads of three major agencies to personally vouch for each and every refugee is at best foolish and in my opinion particularly stupid. This is not how to run a government. There are reasons for chains of command. Tying up an agency head on details means that the agency head cannot correctly run that agency. This part of the bill looks more like a childish reaction and stupid.
Speeches by Trump and others should remind us of the damage caused by the Republican U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, whose witch hunt for make-believe communists damaged many careers and lives.
While we have to deal with the current situation, we need to look at and address causes to the extent that we can.
Bob Norris is a resident of Longmont since 2000.

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STAND UP!: No More Hate.

The Board of the Longmont Area Democrats is unequivocally opposed to the recent “policy” that  Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has espoused regarding Muslims.

Not only is it morally reprehensible but unconstitutional and Un-American.

PLEASE CONTACT your Congressional Representatives Ken Buck (CD4), Jared Polis (CD2) and your US Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet asking them to make a strong public statement against this kind of rhetoric.

It is abhorrent and ultimately plays into the hands of ISIS.

ALSO SPEAK OUT PERSONALLY in Letters to the Editor and on Facebook and Twitter.

Rep. Ken Buck: (202) 225-4676 DC Office
Rep. Jared Polis:  (202) 225-2161 DC Office
Sen. Michael Bennet: (202) 224-5852 DC office
Sen. Cory Gardner:  (202) 224-5941 DC office

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LAD Annual Holiday Potluck

Longmont Area Democrats Annual Holiday Potluck
Saturday, Dec. 5th, 11am–1pm
Front Range Community College, Community Room 

Please join us for fun, food and friendly company — a great way to celebrate the season! (Please bring your own service and a dish to share, thanks! LAD will provide beverages.)

AND be the first in Longmont to meet our guest speaker, Bob Seay, the Democratic candidate for CD 4!  Bob has stepped up to challenge Ken Buck in a presidential year. Let’s get on Bob’s Bandwagon!

ALSO be part of voting for the LAD board for 2016! 

GET INVOLVED: Sign up for our second annual January field trip to the State Capitol! Learn more about how our legislature works and how you can get YOUR voice heard instead of just the special interests. PLUS tours and lunch! 2016 will be an exciting political year and LAD is always looking for fun and easy ways to be involved, such as helping with voter registration or informing folks about their ballot at the LAD Farmer’s Market booth.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE, PLUS PRIZES!: We encourage current members to renew their membership and welcome any new signups. $25 per year per person helps us do the work we do and we’ll have prizes potentially available to folks who sign up at the potluck.

THEN, AFTER THE POTLUCK, join State House District 12 Representative Mike Foote at his campaign kickoff Saturday, December 5 from 3:00-5:00pm at the Post Brewery (map), 105 W. Emma Street in downtown Lafayette. Mike has been a stellar representative and he’ll need your support to get re-elected!

So please join us…and please, bring a friend! LAD Annual Holiday Potluck, Saturday, December 5, 11am–1pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller DriveClassroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C4, go left, past the cafeteria, Community Room is on the right across from the bathrooms.)

THANKS for ALL THAT YOU DO! Happy Holidays!


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Rally Wednesday, October 28, Boulder!

MCMV Rally Flyer [English]72

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Longmont City Council Candidate Forum, Wednesday, Oct. 7!

Longmont Area Democrats present the Longmont City Council Candidate Forum
Wednesday, October 7 • 6:30pm  • Longmont Public Library
This is where it starts: check out who’s stepped up to represent you, at the local level. As you know, there are important issues that face Longmont right now: the Mall and our city’s economy, fracking, sustainability and affordable housing, to name a few.

We’ll have a short meet and greet at 6:30 before the forum so you can get to know a few of this year’s candidates for Longmont’s City Council. Then, we’ll have a forum for 5 of the 7 candidates (as of this writing) with opponents.

Come see where each of the candidates stand on the issues. We’re busy preparing questions and will gladly consider questions from YOU as well. Please email us at to submit yours. The audience on October 7 will also have an opportunity to submit questions.

Please join us…and please, bring a friend!

(Longmont’s City Council Election is Tuesday, November 3. All elections are Mail-in Ballot and you should receive yours around the week of October 12th)

SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT Longmont Area Democrats! We are your one-stop for getting involved locally and nationally. We can point you to the best and most effective ways to be engaged. Check out all the widgets on this website, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and if you know someone who’d like to sign up for this email blast, have them email us at with “sign me up” in the subject line.


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Next LAD Meeting THIS Wednesday!

You don’t want to miss our first meeting of the season!

THIS Wednesday, September 2 • 6:30pm (meeting will start promptly at 6:45!) • Front Range Community College • Community Room


Join us on THIS Wednesday as we welcome Giovanni Ojeda, a lawyer from Puerto Rico and a bilingual case coordinator for the Longmont Community Justice Partnership, who will speak on the impact of Puerto Rico’s financial crisis in the upcoming presidential elections.

Then the League of Women Voters of Boulder County will do a slide presentation on campaign finance reform, a key issue for the League. LWV Team Leader, Shirley Jin, will also share ways we can get involved to make sure our democracy doesn’t become a plutocracy!

PLUS, TAMALES! (Come early): Red or Green Chili, and NOW VEGGIE TAMALES! $7.50 for a 6-pack. We’d like to know how many to have on hand, so send us an email at to reserve yours!

Please join us…and please, bring a friend! THIS Wednesday, September 2, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C4, go left, past the cafeteria, Community Room is on the right across from the bathrooms.)


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Saturday, August 8th  5–8pm • Joan and Bob Peck’s house  1935 Spruce Ave. 
You don’t want to miss our annual summer celebration of FUN, GREAT FOOD, and LIVE MUSIC! Park along Spruce Ave. or in Bob and Joan’s driveway at the end of Donovan (2 blocks south of Spruce). Hamburgers, hotdogs, beer, and soft drinks provided. Please bring a side dish to share and your own place setting. SEE YOU THERE!

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You’ve got stuff? We’ll take it!

Garage Sale

Get your items ready! LAD is having a Garage Sale…

At Pat Davis’ house • Saturday, August 22nd (one day only) • 1709 Harvard Street, Longmont • 8am–3pm
Please help us out by either donating items (please price them yourself) or purchasing items at the sale!You can start dropping off stuff Thursday, August 13th after 4pm at Pat’s house…Thanks for contributing items!PLEASE NOTE: NO LARGE ELECTRONICS (if not sold, we’ll have to pay to recycle them!). If small appliances are not sold, please arrange to pick them back up after the sale. (All other leftover items will be donated to charity after the sale) If you want to donate large furniture, please call Pat beforehand so she can make space for it. Please call Pat with any questions: 303/772-8307 or email Pat at


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